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Six of the toughest interview questions and how to answer them!

I was excited to be featured in this recent article on, The Six Hardest Interview Questions and How to Answer Them. I wanted to share a few additional interview tidbits with you:

Remember if you focus on a gap in your resume or a skill that you don’t have, they will too. The key is not to hide it, but not to focus on it either. Have a confident answer for why you were out of work, or how you can easily add that skill to your repertoire based on past experience learning new things.

Don’t talk too much. If you talk too much while answering a tough question you can appear nervous. Don’t ramble on, answer the question and move on!

Finally, prepare for some additional, possibly uncomfortable, questions and be ready to have a clear, confident response. Some other tough questions to prepare for…

  • What are your 5 and 10 year career goals?
  • If you got this job, what would you do or focus on in the first 30 days?
  • Why are you leaving your current position? (especially if you were let go, or the work culture or situation was bad and you don’t want to go there)

Hallie Crawford
Career Coach

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