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5 tips to a successful long-distance job search

Last week was a big week for me for media interviews. I was honored to be contacted by each of these publications. Here is an article I was happy to be featured in by, How to Turn a Long-Distance Job Search Into a New Long-Term Job.

I wanted to share some tips with you and some additional advice as well…

  1. Mentally prepare for the potential obstacles in this type of job search. The potential employer may prefer someone local. You need to understand how you can stand out from the crowd and market yourself as the best choice given that you’re far away.
  2. Realize that your distance could actually give you an advantage, an expanded network, a new perspective on a different market or location. Be prepared to mention that in an interview, if it applies to the industry that you are looking in.
  3. Be prepared to negotiate. To be realistic, you may need to be willing to bend on their relocation package if needed. Consider moving yourself if you really want the job and this is a sticking point for example.
  4. Make sure you’ve estimated finances correctly and the cost of living for the new location before looking at that location and the average salaries for the jobs in your industry in that area. How far will your salary go?
  5. Join as many networking groups as possible, online and otherwise to expand your network quickly.

Hallie Crawford
Job Coach

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