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Should you ditch the cover letter?

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In this day and age with technology and instant communication at our finger tips, people pay less attention to details and the little things that create a final product. This is especially true in the current job market. People begin to skip steps and slack off on things such as resumes. I recently read this article from FOX Business news, How to Write the Perfect Cover Letter.

First impressions are critical, especially during a job hunt, and a cover letter is often a candidate’s first–and possibly only–opportunity to catch a prospective employer’s attention.

For college grads hitting the job market, a customized cover letter for a job opening is crucial to presenting themselves as a worthy candidate to an employer.

People often think that cover letters are over-rated and not necessary, this is certainly not true. Even if an employer doesn’t ask for one, you need include it with your resume. It shows you can communicate and pay attention to detail. It also shows that you care enough about the job to take the time to write one.

The perfect cover letter can make you stand out from all the other job applicants. If you still don’t think it’s necessary, try putting yourself in the employer’s shoes. Why should they interview you? What do you have to offer them? Remember, it’s the first impression that counts.

Do you have a success story or any feedback on cover letters? Please feel free to share in the comments section below. If you’d like more help with your resume contact us today!

Hallie Crawford
Job Search Coach