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The latest job market trends to help your job search

I receive regular job market updates from This is a job search website I send all of my clients to. I highly recommend this site, so please bookmark as a helpful resource for your job search. My career coaching client, Paul, said these job search notifications are the most helpful he has subscribed to. You will receive less junk and more quality job postings.

This is the June report for job market/industry trends: industry employment trends, a leading indicator for the job market, show online job postings were relatively unchanged in June.


    • Real estate job postings increased for the first time in 2011
    • Manufacturing job postings slowed
    • Retail declined slightly over the prior month

Further analysis and detailed June Industry Employment Trends are available on the Indeed Blog.

Another feature of is a helpful salary tool to see the salary ranges for the industries you’re researching. If you are interested in receiving additional help with your job search, please contact us to learn more about our services today.

Hallie Crawford
Job Search Coach

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