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The Secret to Finding the Right Job

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finding the right jobSometimes finding the right job or career can seem like a very big puzzle. But even the most intricate puzzle can be completed piece- by-piece, one step at a time. However, many of us want to know every single step we need to take to land the perfect job in advance. And we want all pieces to fit in exact sequence. Often, we won’t even take the first step until we have the entire path mapped out. Somehow it feels safer that way. Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, neither life nor career transition usually works out that neatly. There is no one-size-fits-all road map for finding the perfect job.

So when my clients want to know all of the steps before getting started, I suggest we first start putting the puzzle together piece-by-piece. Once an idea begins to form, we move in that direction. For you, I suggest:

  • Follow your gut instinct.
  • Take a step in a direction that feels right.
  • Allow yourself the freedom to explore options as you move forward.

Part of this process is trusting that you’ll be able to figure out how best to make the transition as you go. You just need to take a step in one direction and things will become clearer; then, as you take another step, things become even more clear, and so on, until the puzzle emerges as the full picture and you find your dream job. You’ve heard it before: it is a process, a journey. For some it’s short; for others it may take a little longer. It just depends on your starting point and your willingness to keep on stepping.