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Learn to Balance Work and a Full Schedule

work performance

work performanceIn this recent article Hallie Crawford wrote for US News, she discusses the “3 Ways Staying Physically Fit Can Help Your Work Performance.”

We all know we should be getting some kind of exercise throughout the week. But even with new technology like Fitbit and apps like Strava, how often do you meet your exercise goals? We all know the benefits of regular exercise: you sleep better, you have more energy, you burn more fat, etc. And it still can feel like a challenge to fit it in with our busy work schedules. It’s too easy to push aside exercise saying that we don’t have time.

But truly, exercise and work should go hand in hand, even if it’s a quick workout at lunch a few days a week. Exercise gives you energy and increased mental capacity to achieve your career goals. It’s critical to your success at work because it enables you to function at your maximum capacity. Still uncertain that it’s crucial to your success? Here are three ways exercise can boost your work performance.

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