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Pick up the phone – Schedule informational interviews today!

I was on a group coaching call a few weeks ago and my client Farah shared a great success story. Farah has decided that she wants to become a medical illustrator. As part of her research into this field and to learn more about it and whether it would be a fit for her, I suggested she try to find illustrators she could talk to for a few minutes to learn more.

She didn’t have anyone in her network so she found an association online where she found a directory of their members. She started with the letter “A” in alphabetical order and picked up the phone and started calling each of them. By the letter “D” in the list, she had already conducted 5 interviews with people who were very friendly and willing to speak to her! Not everyone will have as a great of a success story with this process, but it goes to show that networking works!

Don’t be shy when it comes to finding the right career. Pick up the phone and do what it takes to start scheduling those informational interviews!

Hallie Crawford
Job Coaching

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