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A confusing riddle: What career is best for me?

Do you ever ask yourself, “Why is it so hard to figure out what career is best for me?” Sometimes it feels like you’re running on a hamster wheel, or moving through a dense cloud of fog with no clear destination in sight. You are not alone! I frequently work with highly educated, wonderfully successful clients who wrestle daily in the career decision-making fog. Interestingly, no matter how smart you are, and even how well you can see the forest from the trees, for clients in your current profession, it is a challenge to shine a light on your own blind spots and have the complete picture you need to move forward with confidence.

There are two things you need to make an effective career decision.

  • First, you must know yourself incredibly well. You cannot achieve this simply because you have 20 years of work experience or because you completed career assessments. Your fulfillment components are often too complex to understand on the surface. Components such as personality, interests, values, skills, and work environment preferences require deep exploration and tough questions that break down mental barriers and reveal authentic themes.

  • Second, it is critical to thoroughly understand your career options – what’s out there? What exactly does that entail? Only then can you use your must have evaluation criteria derived from your fulfillment components to effectively evaluate options for your best fit career.

This is indeed a process! If you find yourself in the career fog right now, please contact us as we would be thrilled to help guide you through to clarity.

Stacy Smyk-Santiago
Job Coaches