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Online and In-Person Networking Works

By now I’m sure you have heard that in order to get a job, especially in this economy, you have to network to get a job. It is THE most important thing that you need to do in your job search. This includes both in person networking and online networking.

A recent case study article in the Boston Globe gives a great example of how networking can be so important to your job search. Check the full case study out in this article Networking and creativity pay off big in job hunt. It’s an inspiring story; one that I hope will help get you motivated to create a plan.

The job seeker highlighted in the article, Marguerite Gallinaro, used LinkedIn as a online networking tool. She was able to keep busy while being unemployed by attending clubs and career groups (in person networking. This was in addition to her over 500 connections on LinkedIn. These networking strategies allowed her to use those connections as job search agents.

She also used the internet to follow companies she was interested in working for on LinkedIn and she created Google alerts for any companies she had interviews with her. This allowed her to be aware of anything relevant and recent going on.

Gallinaro was quoted in the article saying “I created a road map for the job I wanted that showed I could hit the ground running and get right to work.”

Networking is a vital part of job search and your career transition. It’s a process that should be part of your daily job search and career-related routines. It’s important that you build your network while you can so that you when you need to land a job or move up in your career you can utilize your connections. You never know when you’ll need it, so it’s always good to stay up to date with your networking contacts.

P.S. If you need help in your job search, and want to learn more about online and in person networking tips check out our workbook: Job Search Workbook for Professionals: Networking and Online Strategies for the 21st Century.

Hallie Crawford
Job Search Coach