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Need a last minute gift idea? Gift Certificates and Big Grin Blog

The holidays are coming…I have finished 99% of my shopping-whew. I wanted to finish early this year so I could really relax during the holiday instead of running around shopping. It’s not as much fun when you’re stressed about it, and I want to enjoy buying things for the people I love instead of rushing around to do it.

Several months ago I started a personal blog just for fun that I’m having a ball developing. It’s called Big Grin and has fun (and sometimes very silly-my favorite) gifts, jokes and videos that people have sent me. It’s all about making you grin! There are tons of fun gift ideas on the blog, like bacon bandages and a Twinkie baking set, so check it out. One of the most recent websites I posted on the blog is Their products are a spoof on those inspirational posters you see in offices that can be kinda corny. Read the fine print… everything on their site is incredibly funny and witty.

And if you know someone who’s struggling with their career or life direction, consider the gift of coaching to help them get started in a new direction for 2007. Gift certificates are available for any coaching service or teleclass — and since my 1/2 price holiday sale is going on now, you can purchase a certificate for 1/2 off! So get in touch with me right away, the sale ends this Friday, December 15th. The gift of coaching is a gift that will literally change their life! Contact me to discuss your gift. Best regards, Hallie