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Navigating the Roadblocks to an Encore Career

encore career

Have you ever wondered how some people are able to create an encore career and wish you could be one of those people. Those who achieve encore career goals are those who have a bias toward action. They realize there is no perfect time and plow through the following five roadblocks to success:

encore career1. Analysis paralysis. Gather the hard data, but at some point you should be armed with enough information to make a decision. Give yourself a decision deadline and commit to it.
2. Fear of failure. Acknowledge it. Allow it to propel you forward to action. Develop a contingency plan (Plan B).
3. Inaccurate assumptions. Expose yourself to other’s thinking, including a devil’s advocate. Hire a coach to ask you the tough questions.
4. Approval from others. Remain focused on the objective. Often those closest to you have a vested interest in your decision and are biased. This is the time to respectfully damn the grenade throwers and to thy own self be true.
5. Fear of change. It is more comfortable to live in the status quo. Recognize there is a cost to not changing.

Successful encore thinking dwells in the realm of possibility and a few questions can move you to action.
· What would success look like?
· How can I overcome the five roadblocks above?
· What are the benefits of making a change now?
· What are you waiting for?
· How much more must you endure living in the comfort zone?
· What would be the worst thing that that could happen by making this decision?
· What is just one step you could take to move yourself along?
· What legacy do you want to leave?

Combined with the provocative, make us think questions, should be an air of curiosity, introspection and trusting your gut. Take the time to be by yourself:
· Go someplace new to stimulate your thinking and creativity. I personally love going on cruises because I am away from phone calls and client commitments. The change of scenery always sparks my writing.
· Exercise. Often, the combination of sweating and taking care of your body often leads to positive thinking. “Yes, you can do it” becomes your mantra!
· Relax in the shower or bath. Everyone knows the greatest ideas are born this way.
· Listen to music. Studies have shown that creativity is boosted by listening to background music while working and studying.
· Engage in happy activities. This is the “spoil” yourself/put yourself in a good state of mind option – whatever that may be. For some it is getting a massage, cooking, playing with grandchildren, etc.

While there will never be a perfect time to launch an encore career, there are ways to overcome roadblocks and set yourself up for success. As Nike says – “Just do it!”

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