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Moving past limiting beliefs to create your ideal career

Graduation is upon us! Job seekers, specifically recent graduates, often have limiting beliefs about their lack of work experience or value. When these beliefs are shared with a prospective employer it can completely derail a job search

These beliefs can show up in many forms, for example: “I’ll never make enough money doing what I love”, “It’s not responsible for me to follow what my heart wants in my career” or “I’m not good enough at this to really make it in the field I most love”. Do these sound familiar?

Having limiting beliefs can cause you to question moving forward with your ideal career. Here are four ways to overcome these beliefs so they don’t hold you back:

1) Become aware of them. You have to really see what limiting beliefs you have. Get to know these beliefs instead of pushing them back and resisting them. As the famous saying goes, “What resists, persists.” So instead, keep track of what limiting beliefs are most active for you. Awareness is the first step in moving past them.

2) Connect to what you want the most. Would you rather put energy into your limiting beliefs, or into your passion? In order to answer that question it is important to connect to what you care about and what you want. Why does it matter to you? How does it make you feel when you think of what you’re passionate about?

3) Make a commitment. Now that you are in a great position to make a choice, write down your #1 limiting belief. Next, write what you most want for your career. Now really take these two things into consideration. Which one are you most committed to? Which one do you want to feed with your energy and your love?

4) Choose an action. Based on your choice of what you will put your energy and time into, what is one action step  you can take to move forward with that choice? Write down the action and the deadline for achieving it. If there are any baby steps needed to help you get there write those down as well.

If you choose what you love and are passionate about, you are on your way to moving past your limiting belief and creating the life and career you desire. Congratulations to those recent grads out there! Good luck and we hope this is helpful for you.

Darcy Holoweski
Certified Career Coach

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