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How to Motivate a Lazy Boss

motivate a lazy bossEffectively developing leadership skills is becoming a problem in the corporate world. Unfortunately, in a 2014 survey from Deloitte University Press, while 86 percent of executives ranked leadership as their highest priority issue, only 13 percent of executives in the same survey rated themselves as excellent in providing leadership programs. This means that the majority of organizations are fully aware that they aren’t proactively developing great leaders. And part of great leadership is motivation, drive and enthusiasm.

This causes problems across the organization at all levels. A large part of leadership is not just an ability to motivate your employees or team, but an ability to motivate yourself. If your organization is not developing your boss as a leader and challenging them, they can become unmotivated. If your boss has simply gotten into a rut in their career, or is coasting through their role and no one is calling them out on it, they can become complacent. Whatever the reason your boss becomes unmotivated, this can present a huge challenge for you as an employee. For example, you may not receive the attention and motivation that you need to thrive in your role. You may not be presented with regular challenges and opportunities to develop your skills. And the impact of their disenchantment or apathy can be felt across your team, leading to lackluster performance.

Although this can pose a challenge and it may seem like there’s little you can do, read Hallie’s latest US News article for a few things to keep in mind and steps you can take.