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Keep Your Resume Out of the Recycling Bin

A resume is a great first step to finding a new job. But whether you are fresh to the job market or are a relatively seasoned professional who needs to make a fresh start, there’s more to the job search process than just a great-looking resume.

Many job hunters discount the importance of the cover letter that accompanies the resume – or overlook its importance entirely. A solid cover letter is key… it is your first chance to communicate with their potential boss or employer.

Here are some tips to help you when writing a compelling cover letter:

  1. Be specific and articulate your relevant knowledge
  2. Specifically address the position for which you hope to land an interview
  3. Explain how your skills and experience qualify you for the job

Refrain from sending the general ‘mass mail,’ all-purpose types of resumes and cover letters, as they generally end in the recycling bin.

Put some serious effort into a well-thought-out cover letter. This time is well spent; after all, the cover letter is a reflection of you – it offers the first impression to a prospective employer, of who you are and whether you are qualified to land an interview. Make it count!

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Here’s to having a career you love!

Hallie Crawford
Career Coach