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Standing Out From the Crowd: The Cover Letter & Resume

I was recently featured in an article about creating a great cover letter and resume for YP It shows how important these elements are throughout your job search. Check it out to get some great tips on creating your cover letter and resume. Here is an excerpt:

Hallie Crawford, a career coach based in Atlanta, Ga., agreed. “[Cover letters] are still very important because they can highlight how you communicate and that you have effective communication skills,” Crawford said in an e-mail to YPNation.

A cover letter should never be longer than one page and it should briefly highlight information from one’s resume–bullet points are generally acceptable, as the letter can then be easily reviewed, Crawford said.

Recruiters’ preferences vary, of course, but the three things Arendt looks for in a resume are: what you did, who you did it for and how well you did it.

Arendt also prefers a chronological form resume to a functional form resume. A functional resume, which focuses on skills rather than chronological work history, “really doesn’t help you stand out as much as the chronological [resume],” he said. A job seeker should also separate his or her accomplishments from job responsibilities to avoid any confusion between the two and to underscore what you have achieved, Arendt said.

Crawford also emphasized the importance of accentuating one’s accomplishments on a resume.


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Hallie Crawford
Atlanta Career Coach