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Job Search Tip: Learn to love Microsoft Excel

Finding your dream job can be a time complicated process at times. Time, effort, and focus are required to investigate career ideas, network with people, gather information, and keep track of your action steps.

It’s imperative that you get very organized, and remain organized, throughout the job search process. This will help prevent you from getting lost in the information you’re gathering, or lost in your networking efforts with others. I always suggest to my clients that they learn to love Microsoft Excel because it can easily be used organize their job search information as they gather it. You can track your goals, action steps, networking contacts, and career ideas. It’s also helpful to keep track of pertinent websites you have found that help you narrow down your job ideas.

Start your job search spreadsheet today so you can get organized, and keep careful notes of what you’re finding. It will help you avoid from feeling like you’re on spin cycle in the dryer with too many career ideas floating around in your head. By the way, another resource to help you manage your job search can be found at:

Hallie Crawford
Atlanta Career Coach

P.S. You can check out my YouTube video on this subject here: