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Inspirational Quote

In a recent blog post I asked, “What is the impact you have on those in your life? And what’s the impact you want to have?” I think this inspirational quote answers that question for all of us:

“Be the person you want others to see you as.”

Sometimes we need to be reminded that life isn’t all about doing … doing … doing. It’s important to just “be.” Enjoy the journey! Have fun! Take risks! Be the person you want to be!

When you become the person you want to be, you are much more likely to achieve your goals. Why? Because you are more in alignment with the things you really want in life. We are integrated beings, so everything affects everything.

As you prepare for 2007, ask yourself: Who is the person I really want to be? What is the purpose and mission statement for my life? What are the traits in me that I would like to cultivate? What are the habits I would rather leave behind? How can I commit to being that person?

Let me help you in this experience of discovering who you want to be. Join me in my Unlocking Your Purpose teleclass, or contact me for one-on-one coaching.

Career Testing Coach, Hallie Crawford