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Inspirational Question for the week: Believing You Can

Here’s an excerpt from my Free Career Ecourse: The Five Keys to Finding a Career that FITS

What would you do if you knew for certain that you could not fail?
When you’re finished writing your response to the above, sit back and take another look at what you wrote down. Then consider this next question:

Isn’t it interesting what you’d do if you simply believed you could?
One time when I asked the above question during a teleclass, a student blurted out, “I’d date a supermodel!” He was being honest ;-)

I bring this up to illustrate an important point – which is:

Frequently, the main thing that really stands in between us and a satisfying career is… our own minds.

It’s true!

Here’s how it works: if you believe that you can do something, you will find ways and means to accomplish it. But if you approach the issue only thinking of the negatives and the roadblocks, you’re not likely to ever set foot on the path, let alone get anywhere.

I know that from where you stand now, the idea of mapping out a career that appeals to you seems highly unlikely. But the truth is, people do it every day, and they succeed. They go on to a job doing what they’ve always wanted to do. I did it for myself; my clients have as well. You can too.

So, how do you start? To find out, sign up for The Five Keys to Finding a Career that FITS free ecourse right here. Have a great day! Hallie

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