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How to Improve Your Nonverbal Communications

nonverbal communication

nonverbal communicationCertified Career Coach, Hallie Crawford, authored an article for US News, “5 Tips to Improve Nonverbal Communication at Meetings”.

Your appearance, gestures and posture are as important as what you say during a meeting.

Assertive communication is important for successful business relationships, whether they’re with your co-workers, your clients or executives in your company. What we don’t say can be just as important as what we do say. For example, we try to extend firm handshakes and smile when greeting important people in our business lives. A firm handshake is generally recognized as a sign of someone who is sure of himself and therefore someone we may be more likely to trust.

However, effective nonverbal communication goes further than that first handshake. Here are five ways to improve nonverbal communication, especially during meetings or presentations.

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