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11 Tips to be More Efficient at Work

more efficient

more efficientCertified Career Coach, Hallie Crawford, was honored to be mentioned in this article on – “11 Ways To Be More Efficient At Work.”

When it comes to efficiency in the workplace, I’m not here to say you should become some sort of worker robot drone. (Paper pushing and glazed-over eyes? No thank you.) But there are ways to be more efficient at work that can make you just as productive as one.

That’s because being efficient doesn’t have to mean a boring, hyper-focused workday. It simply means re-focusing your schedule, spending the day the right way, and actually getting stuff done. In fact, if the world would let you, I’m sure you could get all your work done in a few days and then pack up for some sort of awesome four-day weekend. Studies have even shown that this would be an ideal scenario, as working too much (as in, over 50 hours a week) is incredibly counterproductive.

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