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How to Help Your Child Figure Out Their Career: Be an Example!

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It’s not a normal back-to-school season this year. The current situation has many kids and young professionals feeling stressed out and confused. Some younger kids feel too overwhelmed to think about their future and what they would like to do, focusing more on just surviving. Young professionals, such as recent college graduates, may feel that what they studied is no longer a relevant industry due to the current economic situation. 

We have 20 years of experience helping young and mid-career professionals with a 95% satisfaction rating. Our easy process can help you and your children navigate this difficult time and get excited about your future again. If you are a mid-career professional and no longer feel excited about your own future, we encourage you to set the example for your children by following these steps in your own life. Here are two steps to get you started:

Define fulfillment. This is an important first step because so many times professionals skip this step and get stuck in a career that they don’t really love. By defining fulfillment, you will ensure that your career path is true to your values and gives you a sense of purpose. A helpful exercise to help with this is to think about a peak experience in your life and write down what about it made you feel happy and successful. 

When speaking to your children about fulfillment, you can discuss how your career honors your values. Let them know how important that is and encourage them to think about things that make them happy. You could then suggest some career ideas that would encompass those ideas-help them think outside the box. Brainstorm industries that are booming now as a result of the pandemic. Help them consider a possible side gig to gain some experience.

Leverage your strengths. The next step is to think about the talents and skills that you have. These are things that come naturally to you, whether inherited or learned, and make you unique from others. To help you determine your strengths, you can review your resume and interview friends and family members. What talents and skills stand out on your resume? What do your friends and family members say that you do well? 

Help your children think about the importance of choosing a career that utilizes their strengths. This is important because it is a part of overall fulfillment and long-term success. For example, if they say they want to be a pilot but are claustrophobic, this may not be the best career choice :) You could suggest that they write down things that they like to do and then research some career ideas together based on their list. Tell them what you see are their best strengths and help them understand what those mean for the workplace.

Life is too short to not enjoy your job, even if we have to take something we don’t enjoy in the meantime to get to where we want to go long term. Schedule a free consult today to see how we can help you or the young professional in your life.