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How to Get a Job Right Out of College (Part 2)

get a job

get a jobHallie was honored to be featured in a recent PopSugar article about how to get a job right out of college. As a follow up to this article, we wanted to share some additional tips with you.

It is important to know what you bring to the table – How to find out… Many times, recent college graduates are not aware of their skill set since they do not have a lot of work experience. To uncover your skill set, identify which courses you enjoyed and did well in during college. Based on those courses, identify your skills and interests. You can also interview your professors, parents, friends, and classmates and ask them what they would say your skills are. They may help you identify skills you hadn’t thought of. Also consider extracurricular activities. Did you hold a leadership role in your fraternity? Were you a part of a unique project in film class, like making a documentary? What you did with your free time can also provide you with clues to what you are naturally good at.

It still is about who you know… Ask your professors, family members, or already working friends for any pertinent networking connections. Remember that networking as a professional is different than networking with college contacts, so avoid using slang terminology or poor grammar. “Glad 2 meet u” will not cut it! Keep it professional. If you are unsure how to write a professional note, even in a networking setting, ask your parents, or check online for suggestions.

Conduct informational interviews… (For more information on what an informational interview is, click here. An informational interview is just that- gathering information to learn about jobs or industries that would be a good fit for you. Prepare questions and research the industry of the person you will be interviewing in advance. It would be appropriate to ask them for their networking information to expand your network, but it would not be appropriate to ask for a job during an informational interview.