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Create an Email Address for Your Job Search

job search

job searchWhile you’re getting organized for your job search, remember to create an email address for yourself that you’ll use specifically for your job search. This makes it easier to keep track of email correspondence, because it isn’t lumped in with all your other emails and spam.

It doesn’t matter if you use a free email service like gmail or hotmail. What does matter is that your address looks and sounds professional. In many cases, it will be the first impression you give to prospective employers, career counselors, and networking contacts.

Don’t go with nicknames or cutesy titles. doesn’t have a professional ring to it, even if your name is Buddy. Neither does Another alternative is to check and see if the alumni association at the school you attended offers email addresses to its graduates. This looks professional and can open additional networking doors.

Once you’ve settled on your new email address, be sure you set up Outlook or whatever email service you use so that you’re ready when you begin corresponding with others.

Action step: Create several folders within your email system to hold job applications, networking emails, and job research information. This way any item is easier to find.

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