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Holiday Travel, Take a stand for no email

Here’s an interesting website for travel, since travel’s one of my favorite things. If you don’t yet have new year’s plans…consider a last minute trip: Last Minute Deals. “Puts together last-minute weekend packages and suggests travel ideas tailored to your budget and destination.”

And while you’re at it (vacationing I mean) take a stand for no email. I was debating last week how frequently I was going to check my email while I was away for Christmas… Not at all, every day, every other day? I realized that I only allow myself to really disconnect from everything when I’m going overseas. And even now that’s null and void for many people because of the Crackberry. (Although I don’t yet have one. I’m considering it…)

What happened to the days when you really got away? Where no one could reach you and you didn’t feel obligated to check in with the office? I am hoping with the renewed focus on life balance in the media and in our society, that we’re headed in the right direction-towards more real vacation time. But once I think we’re headed there, I see a 60 Minutes story about how hard people are working, into the wee hours of the night. Once I heard about people who were taking long overseas flights just so they could work and not be reached or interrupted. I made the mistake of checking my email on a ski trip years ago only to receive a stressful, upsetting email from someone–Hello, bad idea! It screwed up that day for me. Let’s make an effort to change this.

Make a commitment this year to really go on vacation-turn your phone off, don’t even take it with you, or set up some other boundary so you can really enjoy yourself. There are tons of benefits to taking a vacation–and a real one. Taking a vacation can help your career, it improves productivity.

So really get away, and don’t feel like you have to go far away, in order to do that. Best, Hallie Life Path Coach Hallie Crawford