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Hallie Recommends: “You Can Heal Your Life” Louise Hay

This is a great book I use frequently to help me determine what issues or stress may be showing up in my body as a pain or illness. I believe in the mind-body connection so I think that our illnesses are in part a manifestation of what is going on in our lives. The book lists different ailments and what their probable causes are.

For example, I’ve noticed over the years a direct correlation between my stress level and tightness in my neck. When I get stressed, it tends to be because I can’t figure out a problem or find another way of looking at an issue to help me solve it. I feel like the problem has to be solved in one way and if that way doesn’t work, I’m unsure what will work and sometimes I freak out. So I either call my coach or consult my Louise Hay book :) Louise Hay says neck problems represent an inabililty to see other sides of a problem. The affirmation she lists for allieviating neck pain is "There are endless ways of doing things and seeing things." After reading that, Ahhhh, I breathe deeply again.

So check out her book. I find it is very useful. Here’s a link to it on Amazon: Louise Hay You Can Heal Your Life.

Be well, Hallie