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Hiring Secrets from a Headhunter

headhunter hiring secretsCertified Career Coach, Hallie Crawford, has been featured in Skip Freeman’s new book, Headhunter Hiring Secrets 2.0: How to FIRE Up Your Career and Land Your IDEAL Job!

Over 50,000 job hunters used the ground-breaking, revolutionary tactics and strategies featured in the international best-selling job hunting book Headhunter Hiring Secrets: The Rules of the Hiring Game Have Changed . . . Forever! (first published in 2010) to aid them in their job search during one of the most challenging job markets in generations. Now comes the much anticipated sequel to this widely popular job-hunting book, Headhunter Hiring Secrets 2.0.

In this completely updated and totally revised edition of the original book, author Skip Freeman, one of the nation’s top “headhunters,” once again shows today’s job hunters precisely what they must do to effectively compete in the still challenging job market. He shows them how to be thoroughly prepared–before even thinking about venturing into the job market–and how to dramatically improve their chances of landing an exciting new job.

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