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Help Your Teammates Succeed Professionally

help teammates succeed

We can all relate to being on a team where someone doesn’t pull his or her own weight. Maybe the person is having a hard time at home; he or she is less organized than others on the team; he or she is less motivated and inspired by the job or doesn’t have a clear sense of the team’s priorities. Whatever the reason, it can be hard to deal with a difficult teammate when it directly affects our work and our performance.

Whether there are missed deadlines or the person simply isn’t participating during meetings, it can be tough to bite your tongue and not get frustrated. Next time you find yourself getting annoyed, take a moment to flip the situation around. Consider if there is an opportunity for you to be a leader and help your teammate rather than get angry. Whether the person is new to your team and hasn’t learned all the ropes yet, or if he or she is just not living up to his or her potential, there are several ways you can help, and you may make a big difference in the person’s life by doing so.

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