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The Skill Set: Picking Your Negotiation Battles (Part 2)


negotationsHallie was honored to be featured in a recent article about picking your negotiation battles. As a follow up to this article, we wanted to share some additional tips with you.

  • Know when to negotiate when you have a job. If you currently have a job, normally your performance review is a good time to negotiate. This doesn’t just apply to salary- this could also be job responsibilities or benefits such as flex time or working from home. If you get everything you want, it’s standard to wait until your next performance review to negotiate again.
  • Know when to negotiate when you are looking for a job. During a job search, negotiate your terms close to or at the time of the offer. Once you sign the documents it will be harder to negotiate what you want from the start.
  • Know when something is out of reach. It’s important to consider the culture and terms of the business you work at (or want to work at) to avoid negotiating for something that you will never be able to have, like a month-long paid vacation.
  • Speak up. Many business professionals, especially women, suffer from something called the Impostor Syndrome. This means that they feel like they are underqualified for their jobs and that they don’t really know what they are doing. This prevents professionals from speaking up and negotiating better terms for themselves. It’s important f to fight this tendency. One way to do so is by keeping a running list of work accomplishments with measurable results included.