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Have You Heard About the Movie “The Secret”?

Ok I’ll be honest, I have not yet watched it. But it’s been recommended to me by so many people who have seen it that I wanted to post about it. A few months ago it was flying all over a coaching listerv to which I belong – people were raving about it. I’ve put it on my holiday wish list…check it out! Here’s the official website link for The Secret, and here’s a link to buy it on Amazon.

Oh P.S. I just Googled The Secret and found out some of the people in the movie will be on Larry King Live tonight. Tune in! I need to go set my Tivo. Here’s a link for more info for Larry King Live Thursday, November 2 on CNN, 9:00 PM (Eastern), 6:00 PM (Pacific).

Career Development coach, Hallie Crawford