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Hallie Recommends: Salary survey websites

Happy Halloween! Halloween is my favorite holiday. My husband and I attended a Halloween party this weekend. We also carved a pumpkin this year, as we usually do, but we cheated–we used a template….I have to say though – it looks really cool and artistic!! Better than when I just wing it ;) Have fun tonight passing out candy or whatever your plans are.

Now on to something more serious. Here are some free salary websites to help you in your job search…

These are helpful websites which will give you salary ranges for jobs, some within a specific geographic area, so you know what to expect and ask for regarding your salary: (This site was rated the best salary-rating site by Kiplingers Magazine.)

JobStar: Profession-Specific Salary Surveys 

WageWeb Salary Surveys 

US Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Compensation Survey

Good luck! Hallie career counseling Atlanta