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Hallie Recommends: Web Content Awareness Day 2007

Tuesday, January 9, marked the first day of a month-long “information celebration” centered around internet marketing and taking place online at Hosted by Copywriting and Marketing and running for its second consecutive year, Web Content Awareness Day will educate website owners on how to leverage the power of the web to drive sales and profit for their businesses.

Web Content Awareness Day falls on February 9, 2007, although interested parties are encouraged to subscribe now and get the full benefit of a steady, month-long stream of valuable marketing tips from seasoned experts. Hosted by web copywriting consultant Dina Giolitto of, this year’s Web Content Awareness bears the tagline, “A Month-Long Information Celebration, Right in Your Email Inbox.” Topics covered include web design and search engine optimization, copywriting, ezine publishing, article marketing, podcasting, virtual assistance and public relations – all advanced-level marketing tips from seasoned professionals.

While last year’s Web Content Awareness Day was a something of an “all things to all people” theme, 2007’s online celebration has been considerably trimmed and shaped to fit the audience. Says creator and host Dina Giolitto, “I get questions from copywriting clients all the time. They want to know, ‘What steps do I need to take to get noticed in my niche? Who can I rely on for copy, marketing and website development that builds a favorable impression for my brand, while funneling new clients in and keeping old ones coming back for more?’

To learn more about Web Content Awareness Day, visit and drop your name into the sign-up box.

Best, Hallie Career Path Coach Hallie Crawford