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Hallie Recommends: Good customer service

Ok, I am a stickler for good customer service. My husband laughs at me because I LOVE it when I get great customer service-I get excited. And I’ll be honest – I get mad when I don’t. I am impressed when businesses are well-run, ethical and customer-focused. It shows when they are! And I go back to them and give them more business. It just makes good business sense to go the extra mile for your clients or customers.

Here’s an example of great customer service: Lori Davis at Lori is my VA. She kicks a** to be frank. She’s on the ball, pro-active and detail-oriented. If you need someone to take some administrative stuff off your plate, Lori’s your gal.

Here’s another one: Landfall Navigation. I ordered this very cool gadget from them for my dad for Christmas. It’s a keychain that has a buoy inside of it. If your keys hit the water – i.e., your boat keys – the buoy inflates and will bring your keys back to the surface so you don’t lose them. HA, how great is that! (A set of my old apartment keys are in the Chicago river as we speak. Wish I had this then. But I digress…)

My dad’s gift didn’t arrive and I contacted Landfall Navigation. Turns out they had been delivered and signed for, by someone named Frances. Despite this, Jeff at Landfall offered to send another one to my dad, no questions asked. Awesome, I love that. Thank you Jeff and Landfall.

Best, Hallie Atlanta Career Coach Hallie Crawford