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Hallie Recommends – Reading this article…

You’ve heard me recommend Alexandria Brown before. This article in her recent ezine caught my eye so I wanted to share it with you. It’s about choosing who you learn from, whether it’s in a class, via a consultant or coach – and how to choose wisely so you’re learning from the best.

“Who Are YOU Learning From?”
(Or… “What Really Makes Me MAD!”)
by Alexandria K. Brown

You know what really
makes me MAD?

When I see someone acting like a bigshot with no substance behind them, asking
you to pay them handsomely to teach you something that they themselves have
NEVER done.

Let me explain…

I recently received an email announcing a very expensive workshop that claims
to teach you how to develop information products and programs and sell them
online to create wealth. (That part is fine.)

Here’s the part that gets my goat…

I happen to know that the person teaching this workshop has absolutely NO experience creating and selling
information products SUCCESSFULLY!

It just makes me ill.

There are many of these self
proclaimed “gurus”
out there. True, some have indeed created information products. (That’s
not hard to do.) And they may be selling them online. (That’s not hard to do
either.) But how much do they sell? How well do they REALLY do? How much money are they making?
And are they working their tail off, or have they really created a great
lifestyle for themselves?

Now, I know it’s hard to tell sometimes who to trust and follow. Some of these
‘gurus’ talk a great talk using excellent copywriting, stories, and persuasion
tactics. How do you know
who is the REAL deal, and who’s “full of it”?

Asking a few questions will help you. Here are five questions you should ask before investing heavily in
anyone’s products, programs, coaching, or workshops:

1. Have they DONE what they are

There are some people out there who are good “reporters” – that is,
who collect information and share it – who you can learn from. These folks are
good if you’re doing baseline research on the topic. But if you are really looking
to learn the systems and strategies that can change your life and business, and
how to apply them successfully and quickly, and make a ton of money from them,
you absolutely want to make sure you learn from someone who has done exactly that. This guarantees a much higher
success rate on your end.

2. Are they STILL DOING what they’re

It’s no secret that anyone can make a lot more money TEACHING what they know
than just doing what they know. Many “gurus” enjoyed one success and
have been riding its coat-tails for years, teaching how they did it over and
over. Just because someone had success selling one product or program online at
one time doesn’t mean they know the best and easiest way to do that TODAY. It’s
crucial you learn from someone who is still “in the trenches”, continually learning and
keeping up to date with the fastest and easiest ways to do what you want to

3. Are they doing it SUCCESSFULLY?

This may seem like a given, but it amazes me how many people invest money in
learning from people who aren’t that successful in what they do. Make sure to
sniff around and truly make sure that this person not only does what they say
they can teach you, but that they are outrageously good at it.

4. Will they show you PROOF that what
they teach actually works?

If your prospective mentor won’t share numbers with you, or claims it’s not
your business, move on. It’s likely they are not walking their talk. I’m open
with my numbers because I want people to know I’m the real deal!

For example, I have shared actual screen shots of my web sales reports on the
information page for my Online Success Blueprint Workshops. Why? I feel anyone
who is about to invest several thousand dollars to learn from me deserves to
see proof that what I’m teaching actually works.

5. Are they doing it in a MANNER that
suits what you want for you and your business?

This isn’t talked about often, but you want to learn from a mentor who also
works in a manner that fits your business vision. For example, one client shared
that she chose to learn from me instead of another internet marketing
“mentor” solely because he admittedly works 16-hour days and hasn’t
taken a vacation in years. (Apparently my relaxed and fun work-style was a lot
more appealing to her.)

Another example: I’m sure you’ve seen some “gurus” out there whose
marketing methods are questionable and/or simply obnoxious, and that may not
fit your style. If you want your business to be ethical, easy, and fun, then
look for a mentor who is running his/her business that exact same way.

Once You Find Your Mentor, Stick With

Once you choose the mentor and business model that’s right for you, STOP paying
attention to anyone else for awhile!


The #1 enemy of any entrepreneur is
It’s easy to jump
around and get excited about the next big thing every few weeks, but your
easiest road to success is to choose ONE mentor/model and commit to follow them
for at least six months. I guarantee you’ll move ahead a lot faster and more

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Brown, “The E-zine Queen,” publishes the award-winning ‘Straight
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Here’s to having a career you love!
Hallie Crawford
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