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Four Mistakes to Avoid Related to Career Searches

career searches

If you’re looking for a job, here are four of the most common mistakes to avoid regarding your career search:

1. Mistake regarding your resume:
• Forcing information on one page that you could put on two searches
What is the correct length of a resume?
• One or two pages is the maximum length for your resume with one exception — very high-level executives can have three pages.

2. Mistake regarding your job search:
• Posting your resumes on job websites expecting employers to contact you.
What is the best way to find another job?
• Studies show that most people get their job through networking – talking to other people to find out where jobs exist and applying for them.

3. Mistake in networking:
• Using your personal discomfort such as being an introvert as a reason not to call or meet people with whom to network.
How do you identify people with whom to network?
• Search the Internet for jobs in the area of your interest then use informational interviewing — call incumbents already employed in areas of your interest and ask if they know of anyone hiring in your area.

4. Mistake in interviewing:
• Not telling an employer you want the job. Desire along with qualifications may help you be the candidate offered the job.
During a job interview, how do I tell an employer that I really would like to work for them?
• Simply say, “I would really like this opportunity to work for you.”

We hope this is helpful to you! Terry L. Wynne, Ed.S., LPC, BCC, Career Coach at  Want more information about how to avoid or fix Career Mistakes? Watch these helpful videos Hallie has created by clicking here.

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