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Defining Your Dream Job: Buy a Journal

dream job

Identifying your dream job can be a very organic process that requires a lot of thought, self-reflection, and organization. Maintaining a journal helps track those thoughts so you can see them on paper objectively and revisit them when and if needed.

Writing thoughts down also enables you to see themes in your thinking which, in turn, can help provide clarity for your career path. For example, if you keep writing about advising people on personal issues, perhaps you need to consider adding consultant or counselor to your list of career ideas. Finally, many of the action steps in this book ask you to make notes on various topics, and a journal is a great place to keep track of those.

So buy a journal and make a commitment to use it. It can be an informal sort of thing or not, however works best for you. Scribbling, incomplete sentences, a kernel of an idea are all acceptable. So are complete sentences or outlines if that is your writing style. You are the only person who needs to see what you write.

But by allowing your thoughts to flow onto the paper, I guarantee you will begin to see patterns emerge that you wouldn’t have identified otherwise. You will think more clearly, clarify the qualities you want in a job, and identify the possible obstacles in your way.

I once attended a workshop where the presenter helped attendees identify the barriers they might have concerning money. He prompted everyone to write the word ‘money’ and then list every word, positive or negative, that came to mind as soon as they thought of money. The object was to understand their deep seated feelings about money and how those feelings might be helping or hindering them. It was like a brain dump, and a journal works the same way.

When you write down the first thoughts that come to mind around a particular topic, you start to see more clearly how you feel about that topic. You also become more aware of possible negative thoughts that hold you back. Journaling is a tool not only to provide clarity for you, but also to help you move forward in the process more effectively and efficiently.

In a nutshell: Seeing thoughts in black and white is a very different experience from having them rattling around in your head. It helps provide clarity by allowing you to see things more objectively.
Action step: Buy a journal tonight. Make sure it’s hefty enough to include a few months’ worth of writing. Look for a cover design that appeals to you and decide if you want it lined or unlined . . . Make it fun!

– Hallie Crawford, Certified Career Coach

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