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Food for Thought – Try to observe what’s going on around you

Happy Monday!!

Well…There’s a new man in town and he’s running the show – my new baby Vaughn. He is 4 months already. I can’t believe it. Being a mom is wonderful and… it certainly has its ups and down’s. Some days he’s all smiles and sleeps well, other days he’s cranky and doesn’t want to sleep at all.

Taking care of a little one can feel like a life of extremes – pure joy when he smiles at you, and frustration when he cries for a long time. You never know what to expect! This can make you crazy, or it can be a lesson in appreciating the extremes. They make life more vibrant and passionate. I personally would rather have the up’s and down’s than complete monotony. But, the trick is to learn not to be pulled up and down emotionally along with the extremes. It’s a trick I’m still learning :) One way I try to do this is to observe what’s going on around me when something is stressful, instead of getting pulled into it – to step outside of the stressful or difficult situation.

Do you allow yourself to get pulled up and down? Many people do – and we all have our good days and bad days. Notice your reaction this month to the stressful situations in your life. Focus on remaining calmer and try observing what’s going on instead of being sucked into it. See how it changes the effect of a situation on how you feel and – on your ability to deal with it.

Have a great week!
Hallie Crawford
Career Coach