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Food for Thought – Making strong decisions

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend! Today's Food for Thought is about how to make strong decisions.

When I work with clients, I encourage them to make decisions from a position of strength. We often act out of feelings related to fear, weakness or some other negative emotion/energy.

I like to take some time to notice how I approach my own decisions. When I feel confident and strong, the outcome is always better. My actions are more powerful as a result. You know the difference. When have you made a decision or taken action out of fear or anger? What was the outcome? Probably not so great.

This takes practice so start small to try it out. Think of an upcoming decision you have to make. How are you feeling about it?

If you are experiencing ‘bad vibes’, try to shift your mindset or, if possible, wait until you feel better or more confident to make that important decision.

Have a great week!

Hallie Crawford
Certified Career Coach