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Career Corner: Career Advice for College Grads – How to Network With Family and Friends Tip #7

Today we're looking at the last tip for college grads for how to network with family and friends. Stay tuned next time to get tips on how to network online. To view past tips click here.

Tip #7 – Leave no stone unturned.

Even if talking to a certain person seems like a stretch, try it anyway. You never know who they will know and can connect you to. If they don't know anyone, they'll tell you that, so you can move on. I suggest casting a wide net. It will help you uncover any available resource. And don’t be shy about it. People network all the time, it’s a normal part of a job search.

Holidays, family reunions and summer barbecues all present a great opportunity to connect with the older generation who just might be seasoned professionals in your field. Before your next family gathering, do your homework. Ask your parents what their brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles do for a living. Pose the same question to your best friends. When you get to the party, be prepared to ask questions of those who've "been there and done that" in your industry… and get ready to make some career connections while learning something new.

Hallie Crawford
Work/Life Balance Coach