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Food for Thought: It’s all about attitude

The news program “60 Minutes” recently featured separate interviews with professional golfers Tiger Woods and Michelle Wie. As I watched, I noticed how they handled themselves. As successful athletes, they are used to being in the spotlight and facing people in the media who doubt them or question whether they can win a particular tournament or maintain their winning streaks. What struck me is their attitude – – they don’t listen to the naysayers. They set goals, say they’re going to achieve them, and expect that they will. For them, it’s that simple. What if you took that attitude? You don’t have to listen to your naysayers either – – those people, or the voices in your head, who bring you down and hold you back. What’s the point in listening to them? What do you gain? This isn’t about not being realistic, it’s about having a positive attitude and staying focused on what’s possible. Let others say what they will. You don’t need to spend time and energy on that. Think about how you can have a more positive, optimistic attitude and tune out those negative voices. Focus on your chosen path, and move forward with confidence.