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Enough with the Excuses-Just Get Started

I was talking to my group coaching client, Jodi, this week. She was concerned that she hadn’t yet identified her ideal career, and was putting a lot of pressure on herself to not only figure it out, but to have a plan with each specific action step she needed to take to make it happen. I told her, like I tell all of my clients, that this isn’t realistic.

Career transition is a process that has to unfold. It’s organic and you need to be willing to go with the flow; adjust your plan along the way, and follow your gut instinct about what feels like the next best step. The best laid plans always start with a dream that you can trim and shape to your situation as you go along.

Taking this pressure off has allowed Jodi to expand her thinking about her career ideas, and how to make them a reality. Remember that pressure can squash your creative thinking and therefore be a hindrance to finding your dream job, and landing it. So stop making excuses about how you need to know every step before you move forward, don’t let your fears stand in the way. Just get started.

Hallie Crawford
Atlanta Career Coach

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