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Don’t give up on your dream career – taking one small step at a time

I had a great time speaking at Agnes Scott last week. Over 50 alumnae from Agnes Scott attended the event, and the level of energy, participation and learning was great! Participants left with very specific advice on how to create their business cards and how to develop a networking strategy. One woman who attended the event wants to start a company creating her own greeting cards, but has no money to get started.

She came to the presentation very frustrated and ready to give up on her dream career. She had no ideas or thoughts of how to get started. In the presentation we talked about specific networking strategies she could take. We also talked about how she could start working in a specific industry to get her foot in door, or at least to learn how to get started in that industry. When the woman from Agnes Scott left the event, you could tell she was more hopeful and glad to have specific action steps to get her moving.

Dream big! Don’t forget though, sometimes it takes small steps to reach your dreams. Here’s your action step this week: Just take action! Make a list of action steps you will commit to in the next 3 weeks to begin your path to your dream career. They can be small steps, and one small step per week is ok. You don’t have to move mountains all at once. If you begin to take steps towards developing greater career fulfillment, the effect will snowball. You will feel better knowing you are doing something about it.

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Here’s to having a career you love!

Hallie Crawford
Career Transition Advice