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Dress appropriately for the workplace

I think it’s tougher these days to know what is appropriate workplace attire because we have become so informal in other areas of our lives with texting, Facebook sharing and casual Friday. There is nothing wrong with being comfortable at work. I think it is important to do so, but we need to pay attention to what we’re wearing at work. Especially for recent graduates and the younger generation who has grown up in this more informal environment of social media.

Remember you are always on and always making an impression! Here is some advice from our job search coach, Terry Wynne:

The current style for women may be low-cut blouses, high slit skirts, floor-length casual dresses, or beach-sized handbags.  For men, the current style may be pierced earrings, chains, and over shirts.  The style for the workplace if not necessarily the same as the display you see in store windows.

Particularly if you are interviewing for a job, wear conservative clothes that don’t reveal excessive skin, fit properly, and make the statement,” I’m ready for work.”  For men, such clothes are typically a suit or sports jacket, long sleeve shirt, and tie.  For women, such clothes are typically a dress, skirt and jacket, or pant suit.

If you are already employed in the workplace, continue to wear appropriate clothes since many employers have dress codes and you want to avoid being sent home for not dressing according to guidelines.

A good rule is to watch how people dress in the job you want next and dress like them.  By doing so, you are already having people see you the way you probably see yourself — well- dressed and ready for your next promotion!

Hallie Crawford
Ideal Career Coach

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