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Staying out of the shadow in your career

I was honored to be featured in this article from about stepping into the shadow of another employee, Fighting the Ghosts of Beloved Employees Past.

Trying to fill the shoes of the person who came before you can be difficult for anyone, even a stellar employee who fits the job description perfectly. It can be intimidating for you and hard for those who worked with the person you are replacing. Change is tough for everyone. You need to be patient with the process. You should understand that some people may have had a great working relationship with the former employee and may be hesitant about working with you at first.

Keep in mind that you are not there to mimic what they did. You can make your mark, and still be mindful of other’s feelings about you as the new person. Try to see what you can learn from them, but don’t compare yourself to the other person. Focus on what you can bring to the table and establishing your own, new relationships with each co-worker.

Hallie Crawford
Job Coach

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