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Dream Journaling Guidelines

dream job journaling

dream job journalingDream journaling involves writing out the process of your career transition in an ideal light, as if it has already happened. I suggest you use a Career Journal, a specific notebook dedicated to your transition. In it you’ll create your dreams, list your “real life” actions, and be able to track your progress efficiently.

Your goal here is to include as many details in your Career Journal as possible with as much energy and excitement as you can as if it has already happened. Part of this process is about getting you pumped up to tackle your transition with heightened positive energy.

Here are some other things to dream about that will help make your journaling process easy and successful.

Include in your dream journaling:

  1. The timeframe in which you achieved your goal— six months, one year?
  2. How did you feel during this transition? Confident, clear, focused?
  3. Make a list of those personal characteristics you tapped into and any new qualities you identified.
  4. Where did you need extra support and where did you get it from?

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