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Don’t be too afraid to get into a new industry

I was thrilled to get an email recently from my career coaching client Peter in Chicago. He is looking to transition into a completely different industry – from insurance to sales/project management outside of Chicago. We spoke about his resume and revised it for this new field.

When he looked through his LinkedIn connections, he saw that one of his close friends knew someone at the company he was interested in. He called them right away asking for an introduction, which he got, and was able to speak to the contact there right away. He submitted his resume and they are working with him now to set up an interview!

Quick tip: Don’t be afraid to stick your neck out by trying to get into a new industry and take a risk and ask for help from friends. This took some quick, assertive act on Peter’s part and it’s paid off. Be diligent with your job search. It takes time and effort to network your way into a job, a lot more than just submitting your resume to a job opening online. It pays off much more than just posting your resume does, especially when you’re trying to get into a new industry. So go for it!

Hallie Crawford
Job Search Coach

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