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Are you willing to be wrong and accept job training?

I liked this article for recent grads and wanted to share it with you, How 2012 Graduates Can Get Jobs and Advance Their Careers.

One thing to pick up on is how important training is at work and understanding you don’t know everything. It reminds me of the recent graduation speech that is going viral talking about students not being that special, Wellesley High graduation speaker: ‘You are not special.’

Keep this in mind: There are a lot of other students competing for the same jobs and once you land it, you need to be willing to learn, be trained and groomed from day one. You have to be able to leverage that, don’t fight it. I remember my boss wanting to send me to a Franklin Covey seminar at my new job. I resisted it. I thought I knew how to be organized already. I rolled my eyes (privately of course) when she said it was mandatory and guess what…I was wrong! I knew nothing about how to really be organized for work, and the training paid off.

So be ready to be trained right away, and be grateful that your employer will be doing that for you. It’s a gift so you should take advantage of it. Don’t assume you know everything. It’s ok to be wrong and to learn from it.

Hallie Crawford
Career Coach

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