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Don’t be shy – take the initiative in your job search!

One of my career coaching clients, Andrea, sent me this email before a recent career coaching call:

I went to Catholic Charities of Atlanta to volunteer as a Job Skills Coach with refugees. As I was letting the volunteer coordinator know my desire to work in career services she mentioned that there was an Employment Specialist position open. I ended up interviewing for the position last Wednesday and I should hear this week about a 2nd interview. Very excited. The pay is lower than I’d like but it would be a foot in the door.

Way to go Andrea! Look at what she’s telling us here. She took the initiative to walk into a place she’d like to work, asked if she could volunteer there and after a couple of weeks, when she let them know she wanted to work there full time, she ended up with an interview. This is networking at its finest. Don’t be shy guys! Put yourself out there and tell people what you want. The worst thing they can say is no right? Go for it, you never know what will happen.

Hallie Crawford
Job Search Coach