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When will your Ah-Ha! moment be?

I had a career coaching call with my client Margaret a few weeks ago. When she got on the call she was on top of the moon! She had just conducted an informational interview with someone who owned his own law firm, which was one of the career paths she had been considering. The information she got from him, and what she learned validated her decision to move forward. He also gave her a lot of good things to consider in order to be successful in her career path.

She was thrilled needless to say! So much that afterwards she said she found herself singing as she was walking down the street! She said she was embarrassed at first, but then was so happy because she realized that her epiphany about her the career direction she wanted to take was her Ah-Ha! moment.

I’m curious how many others out there have had this kind of Ah-Ha! moment, and what it meant to them? I’ve had clients who have shared these moments with me, and others who have shared their experiences that lasted for several days. It can take more time for some people, but what’s important is that you get clarity. When will your your Ah-Ha! moment be about your career? Are you working towards making that happen? It doesn’t just fall from the sky usually. Most people need to do a little work to put the pieces together.

If you need help with your career direction, contact us to learn more about our services. We offer a complimentary consultation to help you decide if this should be the next step for you.

Hallie Crawford
Career Help Coach