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Delivering Bad News at Work

bad news

bad newsWhether you’re letting an employee go or announcing that the budget has been cut, here’s how to phrase the news.

Hallie Crawford, a Certified Career Coach, recently had her article published on US News about delivering bad news at work. The article, titled, 6 Tips to Successfully Deliver Bad News in the Workplace, presents six helpful tips.

Delivering bad news is a fine art, and it takes forethought, preparation and practice to do it well. Giving someone bad news is not easy, whether it’s telling your client that their investment has gone south, informing an employee that he or she has been let go or announcing to your department that its project has been cut. Many professionals will go to great lengths to avoid giving bad news, but as we all know, it’s an essential part of the business world and of being a leader. Here are five tips to put into practice the next time you have to give someone bad news.

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