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Red Flags- Signs That It’s Time to Make a Change Part II

red flags

Do you know the warning signs, or “red flags” signaling that it’s time to make a change in your career?

  • You become “someone else” at work. If you feel like you can’t be yourself at work, don’t shrug it off and don’t blame yourself. Every company’s culture is different. Yours may not be aligned, or no longer aligned, with who you are now as a person. Know that there are professional people out there who embrace the same goals and values as you do. Maybe it’s time to stop pretending, to stop being someone other than who you are, and seek out those like-minded professionals.
  • The position doesn’t make use of your talents. Perhaps you’re an advertising executive who always wanted to be a chef. Perhaps your job title is “coordinator,” but you feel much more the creative type. If your job is not utilizing your natural talents and abilities, it’s probably not a fit for you.
  • You spend most of your time complaining about your job. Sure, we all tend to commiserate over frustrating aspects of our jobs, and other things in our lives for that matter. But if most of your hours at work are spent feeding on negative thoughts and verbally expressing them, this is a huge red flag. It may be time to pack it in.
  • Finally, if you regularly fantasize about quitting your job, being fired or let go, this is a sure sign your current position is not a fit for you—time to move on!

If any of these red flags are waving at you, it’s probably time to seriously consider changing jobs, whether it’s moving into a new position at your current company or changing your course completely by choosing an entirely different career path. Whatever you do, don’t remain miserable.

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